International air travel always requires speed, safety and reliability. With the increasing sales and demand for Indian goods in international markets, choosing a reliable and fast shipping method becomes important for merchants. Air and sea are two popular and recommended modes of
international transport. Of these two methods, air shipping is not only faster, but also provides better tracking information. Advances in aviation technology and real-time tracking tools have made air travel seamless and transparent, bringing happiness and satisfaction to our customers. This reduced the overall time it took to ship products to international customers.

CIS Cargo carefully pays attention to the lead time and transports customers’ cargo with sincerity,
and secures cargo space quickly with advanced transport technology.

The transfer and transportation of goods by air carriers, whether chartered or commercial, is the core of air logistics. Many people in the logistics industry choose this option because it allows them to send packages from work and airport gates to where planes can take off and land. Air freight also has the advantage of fast speed and time, and can be delivered anywhere in the world, so it is advantageous for small and medium-sized businesses to enter the global printing business quickly and efficiently. Air transport is also characterized by the highest level of security, as airport security services monitor all cargo entering and leaving the country.


We put our customers’ business at the center of what we do. We strive to provide optimal logistics solutions to our customers through innovative technologies, facilities and systems.

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