Domestic freight transport refers to the movement of goods within the borders of a country. These services include the movement of goods from one place to another within the same country
using a variety of transportation methods including truck, train, ship and airplane. Domestic freight prices are usually determined by factors such as distance, weight, volume, mode of transport and additional services requested. 


Our extensive network of service providers provides fast and cost-effective solutions to your inbound and outbound transportation needs. We are committed to keeping your supply
chain running smoothly. We keep you one step ahead of your customers.

Ciscargo specializes in domestic freight forwarding and handles a variety of tasks related to the
shipping process, including planning, tracking and documentation. We ensure that goods are properly packaged, labeled and secured for transport. We also offer additional services such as warehousing, inventory management, customs clearance and last mile delivery.


Our logistics team offers 24/7 fast delivery and service options to ensure on-time delivery. We
give you full control and visibility of your shipments throughout the process. Greatway’s strengths include its huge fleet base and its own fleet, which can be accessed through its staff according to customer requirements.



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